The law that limited freedom

Everyone knows that politicians aren’t working for the benefit of the people. They are all working to make as much money as they can in the limited amount of time they spend in the office. This is why they are willing to enact laws that work against people. If they can make some extra money, then they will allow any bill to pass.An evident example of this would be the enactment of the law that restricted the right of many workers to bargain for their wages and benefits. This anti-union law struck many public workers, and they lost their freedom to fight against wage changes.

What does this law represent?

post2aThe primary reason behind the enactment of this law is to take away the power from unions. Unions became too powerful, and they had a lot of collective bargaining power. This didn’t sit well with company owners who had to respect all labor laws without any room to maneuver. Politicians in Ohio knew that it would be hard to enact this legislation without any fighting with unions and workers and thus they had to wait for the right opportunity. This opportunity came when the fight to adopt the same law came in Wisconsin. Everyone focused on that situation which allowed Ohio to pass this bill silently.

This law affected public employees as it forbade them to bargain over pensions and health coverage. The effects of the law hit police and firefighters, who lost any bargaining power. This meant that police and firefighters couldn’t affect their pensions and the health expenses and all authority over those was given to the government.The law struck two other groups. Those groups are city council employees and teachers. If the management and union fail to reach an agreement, then their employers get to decide the final draft of the contract. This meant that administration could just ignore the union in the process of bargaining. In the end, they would be the side that would get all rights to decide what will be the part of the contract for workers.

post2bWorker’s freedom on the sale

Employees are the only side in all of this that loses. It’s important to take an objective view of the situation to understand why that is like that.First of all, public employers got a lot of out of this law. It has been in effect for over five years, and they only pushed their views further on. They still have to bargain with unions, but they have more power in the process.Unions also got walloped by this law, but they did have too much power before that. The second “but” comes with the fact that unions lost too much control over bargaining in public companies. Workers are hit the hardest because they lost all help in getting their rights. Unions have tried to get their power back since then, but they never succeeded. Many of them lost the hold over workers in private companies as well.